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  • ““Prolific Technology, an engineering consulting firm that serves government and private clients, used CFS’ invoice factoring services for 3 ½ years. Not only were the CFS staff very pleasant to work with, they exceeded every aspect of what was expected of them.”


  • “CFS really helped me get my IT staffing business off the ground. For the 2 years we worked together, they never missed a funding and I made all of my payrolls.”

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    SmartIT Staffing, Indianapolis, IN

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Invoice Factoring and Accounts Receivables Financing from Capital Funding Solutions, Inc.

Capital Funding Solutions is an invoice factoring company offering accounts receivable funding to businesses who wish to maximize cash flow and minimize credit risk.

Invoice factoring is a working capital funding process whereby your company receives a line of credit based on current invoices. Invoices are purchased so that you will not have to wait for your clients to pay in order to continue business operations.

The funding benefit of accounts receivable financing is to provide your business with expedient cash flow via factoring, based on current invoice assets.

Often businesses (especially large corporations and government agencies) have an involved system of invoice payment and may demand longer payment terms, which constrains your company’s cash flow.

An invoice may not be paid for two months or more, as it passes through numerous financial management hands before the payment is rendered.

If your business seeks an efficient and timely cash flow funding alternative, then accounts receivable financing services may be an effective financing strategy.

With business factoring, you receive cash flow and funding resources quickly, without assuming additional debt.

Why Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is not a loan, and you do not have to worry about any complications and costs that are associated with loans.

The size of your payment is based on your invoices, so the more productive your company is, the greater your payment can be. You can choose the invoices that you wish to factor. We will work closely with you to create the best factoring strategy for your business.

There are no hidden or setup fees.   Start up companies often use receivables factoring to generate capital and thereby bring business operations to full capacity quickly. Start ups and small businesses often are constrained in cash flow while waiting for outstanding invoices to be paid. Invoice factoring greatly reduces the time for receipt of payment and funding. Growth of financial resources is essential to the survival and success of business, and invoice factoring plays a key role in expanding cash flow without the assumption of long term debt or loans.

To begin the process, complete a factoring application form that can be downloaded from this web site.

The form is easy to fill out and can be completed within a few minutes. You will need copies of your current accounts receivable. We will verify that your accounts have received their invoices and are planning timely payments of invoices, and in a matter of days, you receive stream a of cash flow and working capital revenues that enable your company to grow and succeed.

Invoice Factoring Benefits vs. Other Business Financing Alternatives

Click above to view and print, pdf document:  Compares business financial  factoring to other methods used to increase money for business operations and payables such as: commercial lending, bank loans, leasing, private investor and venture capital.

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